SA School Hockey Return

Dear All
It’s is with jubilation that I address you once more. School Hockey is allowed to “Return to FULL Play” as indicated by the Government Gazette sent out by our secretary Please read this in conjunction with the previous Gazette because many of the clauses are amended.

Also note

  • That the numbers, refer to administrators and match officials involved with the match.
  • This means that more “age group” teams of a school can participate.
  • NO SPECTATORS are allowed at this stage.
  • All Covid-19 protocols must be observed by the hosting as well as the visiting teams.
  • The home team MUST have a compliance officer to oversee all Covid administration, which MUST be kept as a record.
  • All venues MUST have a “Certificate of Operation” obtainable from Gary Dolley, SAHA Compliance Officer. gdolley@mweb.co.za
  • Transport regulations involving school transport must be followed. Most parents drop and fetch their children so the onus of safety is on them.
  • We are busy finalising the format of our tournaments and venues for all age groups. The amount of teams to be entered may be “less” given the constraints of “Covid regulations” that we all need to follow.
  • Please keep in mind that although we are allowed to compete once again, the onus is upon each individual player, coach and manager to keep safe and adhere to all the protocols as laid down by government.
  • Arrange your leagues and trials early to allow all players and schools an opportunity to compete.

We are not out of the woods as yet, regarding this “unseen enemy” and dreadful pandemic. Please allow all of us to compete in the SASHOC Nationals and Regionals for 2021. Let’s do this for the players we serve and the game we so dearly love. Keep your players physically fit, motivated and above all, educate them at all times to adhere to the protocols of Covid-19

Kind Regards

Wendell Domingo

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