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To all Chairpersons

With reference to the communique sent out by SAHA we wish to state the following regarding school hockey.

As per the DBE Education Gazette of October 2020, contact sport training only is allowed:
Provided that all social distancing, hygiene and safety measures are observed and that there is no physical contact between participants during training. This would entail individual/small group drills and exercises.
The school must ensure that sporting venues, tools and equipment are cleaned and sanitized before and after any sporting activities. No inter-school fixtures are allowed for Hockey under the current applicable Gazette.

If you are sharing your turf with another school or club you need to apply for a Certificate of Operation from SAHA. The school must keep a register of all officials and learners from visiting schools who are attending training or a school event, which register must contain the following information:
(a) full names;
(b) residential address;
(c) cell phone number, telephone number or email address; and
(d) contact details of the person or persons living in the same residence as the person attending training or a school event.

Subject to compliance with the Regulations for Safety Measures in Public Schools, national championships and tournaments for non-contact sport that require learners to travel to other schools or provinces is suspended under adjusted level 3 lockdown

Notwithstanding the above, our recommendation would be, when schools reopen, that academics take priority, as well as the safety of educators and staff, and, hopefully, when the President addresses us in the next family meeting, restrictions will ease, allowing us to return under more favourable conditions.

We appeal that you exercise patience and act responsibly during this time, encourage and keep the players fit through individual and modified programmes.

Kind Regards

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