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An affiliate member of South African Hockey Association (SAHA), South African Schools Hockey Association (SASHOC) is a regulatory board which promotes, upholds, supports, controls and maintains rules for all schoolgirls and schoolboys playing hockey in South Africa.

In striving to create an active and growing Schools Hockey community, SASHOC not only indicates the core focus of current endeavours, but also expresses firm commitment to keep on doing whatever it takes to have a significant and positive impact on the entire South African Schools Hockey community. The scope is clearly one of nationwide impact with the implication that despite the delivery of school hockey, all of the actions and initiatives within SASHOC’s mandate will be optimally integrated and coordinated for maximum impact. It is sincerely believed that SASHOC can achieve this ideal of making a difference in schools hockey nationwide.

Laying the foundation in hockey development at schools level in South Africa and ensuring that there is opportunity to maintain the growth of the game, will ensure that Hockey will continue to grow from strength to strength. SASHOC also firmly believes that transformation plays an important role in our organization achieving its goals.

“ You can’t build a building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure.”
Gordon B. Hinkley

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Honoured list


Wendell Domingo  

Marietta Lotter   

Peter Vieyra 

Basil Clark

Sandra Jordaan

Digby Rhodes

Pat Deacon

Ilse Alberts

Paul Hendricks 

Elsie Odendaal   

Gill Taylor

Rodney Corrison

Di Schroder 

Paul Van Schalkwyk

Colin Bartle

Irene Jacobs

Westy Yon 

Craig Warner 

Jacob Van Der Linde

Eddie Walker

Naomi Matroos

Graham Bennetts

Patrick Van Neel  

Evette Koeberg  

Thelma Achilles  

Poppie Arends

Hilda Christie   

Maud Burgess

Trynie Roberts

Monica Myburgh

Greet Van Krol   

Riaan Loubsher    

Jackie Parker

Astra Russell

Adele Madsen 

Saartjie Mulder 

Peter King

Belinda Scott

Marion Marescia    

Ken Warburton 

Brian King

Flo Walker  

Noreen Wannacott    

Malcolm Williams  

Jock Coombs

Tersia Bekker  

Mike Drake

Clinton D’olivera 

Karin Sharritt

Mark Hensburg  

Keith Richardson

Bridget Barnes

Jim Slater

Marlene Botha

Brenda Brink

Louise V/D Merve 

Ian Leach

Gillian Jossie  

Adele Madsen

Mark Rushby  

Des Donald

Wayne Marsden 

Grizelda Fredericks    

Milli Van Wyk 

Mike Bechet

Bryan Haigh 

Martin Daniel

Mariana Coetzee 

Charmaine Koekemoer

Mariana Coetzee

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